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The Best Golf Clubs For Beginners

As a PGA Golf Instructor, I am frequently asked to recommend golf club sets for beginners. The most important factor in finding the best golf club sets for beginners is cost and quality. I see so much money wasted on bad clubs that were cheap, and used clubs that don't fit . On this page I will feature golf clubs I recommend to my beginner golf students. These clubs will fit your beginner golf budget and needs. If you are a woman, please visit the Women's Golf page to find my golf suggestions for you.

I have tested all of the clubs on this page. Beginner golf clubs must meet my criteria of price, quality and playability. These clubs meet or surpass my criteria.  You can feel confident purchasing any of these beginner golf sets. You may notice the same sets on more than one of my website pages. That means I am willing to recommend them to non beginners as well. 

Throughout this website you will find great tools to help all beginners learn to play golf.
  • You must develop a good short game, look at the Short Game Tools page
  • Visit my website HowToPracticeGolfAtHome. You will find great golf tips for beginners to improve or develop a great swing   

Beginner Golf Club Sets Under $200

My two favorite beginner golf club sets, for both men and women, under $200, are Confidence golf sets and the Palm Springs Visa Golf Clubs. Each set is complete with woods, hybrid, irons, putter, and bag. They are all you need to get started and several sets are available in left handed. What separates these sets from other beginner golf sets are the shafts. The shafts in the two sets are stiff enough to give you the solid feel at impact. Men should stay away from inexpensive sets with graphite shafted irons. I would recommend the steel shafted irons in these sets. The graphite shafts in the woods and hybrids are good. Click the links below for more information and prices of the individual sets. Visit the Womens Golf page for the selection of ladies clubs.

Men's Beginner Golf Sets:


Palm Springs Golf VISA MENS                                Confidence GOLF Mens POWER Hybrid Club Set & Stand Bag


Beginner Golf Sets from $200-$500

Adams Golf makes some great complete golf sets that are perfect for beginner men and women golfers. The golf club quality is excellent and the prices are great. The current Adams complete sets are the Speedline and Speedline Plus sets. The Speedline Plus set comes with one more hybrid, the 4h. You can find the Adams Speedline Set for $399 and the Speedline Plus set for $499. I am not sure the one extra club, for most beginners,  is worth the extra $100. If you are a more advanced player, then the extra club is worth the money.

What I like about Adams Golf and these sets, is the price has stayed the same over the past few years. They offer the beginning golf an affordable and quality set of clubs. You can play with this set for years to come. They also come in a left handed set.


Adams Golf Speedline Plus Regular Set                                Adams Mens Speedline Woods/Irons Set 3Wds/Hybrid/6-Sand Wedge/Putter/Bag...

Adams Golf Speedline Plus Regular Set, Left Hand, Black/Red

Adams golf also makes a set of Tight Lies clubs that are an inch long. This is the perfect beginner set for the tall man. If you are 6 feet 2 inches or taller, this is a perfect golf set for you.

Adams Tight Lies Plus 1312 Package Set +1" (RH) - S Flex

Adams Men's Tight Lies Complete Golf Set, Right Hand, Stiff, Flex

Create and Build Your Own Beginner Golf Set

Most beginner golfers do not need a full set of clubs. You can start with about half a set. Why do I say this? When you are a beginner, you do not hit the ball solid enough and with enough club head speed to create a big yardage gap between clubs. For example, I have a ten yard gap between irons, but a beginner may have a five yard gap. Beginners ask me this question all the time, "why do all of my clubs go the same distance?" So you can start with a set of 6-7 clubs.

A great set make up is a high lofted driver (10.5-14 degrees), a fairway wood (#4 or #5 wood), a hybrid (#4), a 6, 8, pw, and putter. Or you could go with a 7 and 9 iron and add a sand wedge. I kind of like this mix.

In the old days a starter set looked just like this, but in todays world you can not find a good starter set.
Hireko Golf sells there clubs A La Cart, so you can pick and choose which club you want. They also allow customization in shaft type and length, lie angle, and grip type and size. Building your own starter set allows you to get top quality clubs at a beginner budget. As you improve you can add clubs to fill in the gap. Therefore your starter set becomes your regular set.

I am a big fan of Hireko's Acer line of clubs. They are great quality and have terrific playability. For a beginner with slower club head speed I recommend the Acer XF HT (high trajectory) irons, the stock Apollo shaft is good. I recommend the Acer XF driver with 12 degrees of loft. Upgrade the shaft to the Grafalloy Pro Custom, regular flex. For a higher club head speed I recommend the Acer XDS React Irons with the Apollo shaft. The Acer XF driver with 10.5 degrees of loft and the same shaft upgrade is recommended, but in stiff shaft.  For your fairway and hybrids, I would stick with the Acer XF Line. I would also upgrade the shaft to the Grafalloy Pro Custom in each.

The Acer clubs are not cheap knockoff clubs. These are very high quality with original design features. You will play these clubs for years to come. As your game improves, and you see the need for more clubs, you will be able to fill in your set.

Click on the images below to get more information. If you are taller or shorter than average, you can adjust length by +/- 1/2 inch, and lie angle by +/- 2 degrees up or down. plus for the taller golfer and minus for the shorter golfer.

Don't forget your putter and bag. The Bionic putters at Hireko have a great feel and classic look. Whether you use the blade or half mallet you will be pleased. Click the Acer Logo to see the entire Acer line of clubs.     

                                Cutting Edge Golf Clubs Factory Direct!


    Acer React XDS Irons                                  Acer XF High Trajectory Irons                                Acer XF Titanium Driver


       Acer XF Fairway Woods                                          Acer XF Hybrids                                      Bionic Nano Putters

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